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Green in the city: among a landscaped park bordering the River, Aquation Office Park is a low-rise, eco-friendly complex of working spaces in fast-developing Koh Pich (Diamond Island). With us, reinvent a way of working, interacting and commuting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia capital city.

Different sizes and layouts still available for some units.

There are still some offices available. You can configurate the space you need, require additional windows, everything to make your working environment...a walk in the park.


Right by the river, Aquation Cafeteria offers a lunch menu that changes every day.

Example: Stir fried lemongrass chicken
Seaweed soup with egg
Steamed rice
Dessert : Red bean soup
(Soup and steamed rice free flow)

Stir fried tomato with eggs
Stir fried leek & pork
Fried pork patties
0.75USD+ per dish

A la carte Lunch Menu

The new foodie option for Phnom Penhers working in or strolling by Diamond Island.

Conference Rooms

5 conference rooms, with sizes and equipment adapted to your needs, and a napping space.

R1 - Inemuri napping space
R2 - Conference room (big)
R4 - Private dining room
R5 - Private dining room
R6 - Conference room (small)

The streamlined architecture easily blends with the surrounding green spaces , with Phnom Penh Rivers in the background

DIB Club famous swimming pool and soccer fields, ProYute Fitness & Fight Center, open-air café and restaurant, and, nearby, the green expanses of Treellion Park or a refreshing mocktail at Floatation Floating Lounge on the River...All at walking distance from your desk.

Aquation, a great environment for fashion and music shootings, artistic events and dance workshops.

Photography | Equipment venue rental | Wedding | Commercial Photography

Many Aquation tenants have started their own gardens in front of their office spaces. Here are some:

  • Trellion aug2022 12

    Sabay News

    Treellion Park ជាទីលម្ហែស្រូបខ្យល់អាកាសបរិសុទ្ធយ៉ាងត្រជាក់ចិត្តនៅរាជធានីភ្នំពេញ. Cool and Fresh in Phnom Penh!
  • AQUATION khmer times

    Khmer Times

    "The future of Phnom Penh Green Office Space."
  • Aquation Office Park hft july2022

    Happy Frog Travels

    "Aquation Office Park, a hip compound that attracts a young and creative crowd."

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